Cellular Concrete, Formwork, Steelframe Technologies! - Thermal, Acoustic, Ecological and Economical

ECOPORE’s technologies in Cellular / Lightweight Concrete anticipate the knowledge of tomorrow, helping you today with the most innovative solutions to optimize your construction processes, to improve your product’s quality and and to take care of the ecological sustainability.

01 Solutions

Cellular Concrete Technology

ECOPORE offers Technology Consulting for the production of Cellular Concrete, Lightweight Concrete, Acoustic Insulation, Thermal Insulation, noise barriers, firewalls, etc.

Production Lines for blocks, panels, Precast Concrete and Artifacts in Cellular / Lightweight Concrete, EPS Concrete and other Specialty Concretes.

ON-SITE Concreting: With this technology vertical buildings with high thermal/acoustic insulation and reduced loads on structure and foundations can be erected, thus enabling a low cost construction structure.
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02 Products


For production of Cellular/Lightweight Concrete, ECOPORE offers the foaming additive ECOFOAM, which can produce foam by mechanical agitation or by special foam generators.

Air-entraining additives of the ECOAIR-MIX product line for the production of lightweight concrete and mortars, which can be added directly into the concrete mixer to obtain the desired incorporation of air.

ECOFIBER – Retraction Inhibitor, ECOMOLD – Release Agent, ECOFAST – Curing Accelerators, ECOFIX – Binders; among other products with superior quality and effectiveness. Read More..

03 Equipments


ECOPORE provides an advanced systems for the production of lightweight materials and thermal insulation for the construction industry.

We carry a large range of high quality Concrete Mixers, Concrete Pumps, Foam Generators, special Air-entrainment Integrators and concrete projectors.

ECOPORE also projects custom made equipment to fit the need for producing cellular/lightweight concrete on site or in a factory environment.ECOPORE can also provide all necessary machinery for complete factory setup. Find out more

04 Adhesives


ECOPORE offers several ready-mix products for construction sites such as cementitious and non-cementitious ahesives for bricks, panels as well as floorings and tiling.

SOLDA BLOC is an extra strength ahevesive for clean, fast and almost wasteless brick laying and panel joining.

SOLDA FIX product line of flooring and tiling adhesives.

SOLDA MIX product line of textures and paints.
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Cellular Concrete, lightweight Concrete, Mobile Mixer, Mix station, Adhesives, Schaumbeton – Porenbeton – Leichbeton – Schaumgenerator – Leichtbeton Mixstation


ECOPORE Cellular Concrete for filling suspended floor slab

Artwork, sculptures, decor, etc … in Cellular

ECOPORE Cellular Concrete for floor levelling and insulation

ECOPORE Constructive System of Lightweight reinforced

ECOPORE Constructive System of Lightweight reinforced