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Tenologia ECOPORE

ECOPORE Constructive System of Lightweight reinforced Concrete Walls molded on site .

The ECOPORE Constructive System consists in molding lightweight concrete walls (approximate density of 1200-1800 kg/m3 and a compressive strength characteristic,( fck ), around 8 MPa), armed with electrowelded trusses and steel bars.

For molding walls steel form works, dimensioned to each specific project, are used. The construction process allows geometrical control of the walls and obtains smooth surfaces ready to receive the finishing.

The production process is characterized by repeated cycles of assembly and disassembly of the form works and in-place molding of the walls with reinforced lightweight concrete. The unmolding of the walls occurs after 12 hours of the concreting, when the compressive strength has reached minimum of 0.8 MPa.

The system allows that hydraulic and electrical systems as well as the installation of conduits and boxes can be embedded into the walls prior to the concreting.