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About Us


ECOPORE is a private company of professionals working in research and development of sustainable solutions for technical and ecological engineering. Its products enable the implementation of thermal and acoustic insulation, waterproofing, lightweight concrete production, among others, using 100% natural raw materials, while producing products with superior rigidity and structural integrity.

Its goal is to provide high quality solutions to its customers, continuing to explore ways to enhance the sustainability of its products.

Environmental Policy Statement

Minimize the impact on the environment is ECOPORE´s main objective of philosophy and mission. The products that ECOPORE currently offers have a specific focus to offer consumers an environmentally friendly alternative. All of them are based on natural resources in order to offer customers an environmental option for existing conventional materials in the market.

ECOPORE is committed not only to minimize the environmental impact of its products, but also strives to be environmentally responsible in the day-to-day operation. Through the environmental focus ECOPORE aims to inspire its employees and customers and encourage everyone involved in its supply chain to reduce its own environmental impact.

Objectives of Environmental Policy

Continuously assess, control and reduce the effects of ECOPORE´s activities on the environment through:

  • Ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into the business decision making process;
  • Compliance with environmental laws when applicable;
  • Prevention of contamination at the site;
  • Reducing waste by reusing and recycling wherever possible remaining waste;
  • Improving energy efficiency whenever possible;
  • Make purchasing decisions based on the environmental performance of products and suppliers;
  • Strive for continuous improvement in environmental performance by setting and reviewing goals.

Specific Objectives

  • Always operate within all legal obligations relating to the environment, associated with official guidelines and industry standards;
  • Minimize the negative environmental impacts of its business;
  • Promoting energy efficiency of its products and provide recommendations in order to ensure the best possible installation of energy efficiency;
  • Actively promote sustainable development, with a copy of its principles.

All of ECOPORE´s staff are responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented. Suggestions are welcome at any time, and this policy will be reviewed and updated annually by the Environmental Management Group. This policy is made available to workers through descriptions of tasks and is also part of the induction process for all new employees. This policy is available to customers and suppliers, upon request and can also be accessed via our website: www.ecopore.com