Cellular Concrete, Formwork, Steelframe Technologies! - Thermal, Acoustic, Ecological and Economical



ECOPORE offers advanced solutions in accelerated construction concepts, large constructions sites, acoustic and thermal insulations, noise barriers, firewalls as well as production lines for cellular/lightweight concrete blocks and panels. Multi-disciplined construction management and engineering consulting provide innovative solutions as well as proactive and forensic support to deliver your projects on time and within budget.
ECOPORES’s construction consulting areas of expertise include: Project Planning, Risk Management, Construction Project Management and Training.

ECOPORE offers the expertise and guidance required to assist all professionals working within the construction industry. From conceptualization to project close-out, ECOPORES’s consultants rely on their diverse educational backgrounds and practical construction experience to provide active ad precise project support.


ECOPORE also provides consulting, materials and equipment for setting up complete cellular/lightweight concrete panel and block factories anywhere in the world, as well as all the staff and management training necessary for an efficient production process.
Material and e quipment include additives, fibers demolding agents, water preparation systems, silos, mixers, cutters, control systems, curing tents, rail systems, molds and packaging systems.


ECOPORE can assist construction companies involved large scale housing projects where pace and efficiency are of up most importance. Horizontal and vertical production process’ can be scaled acording to number of daily units to be build.
On-site concrete molding using form works it extremely time and cost effective. Through it’s scalability it can be applied to any size project.