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Formwork Construction


ECOPORE Formwork Constructive System : armed lightweight concrete walls molded on site.

sistema-construtivo-ecopore-020-400x350 ECOPORE’s Constructive System in Cellular / Lightweight Concrete Walls allows for accelerate construction. The walls with or without structural function are suitable for houses, multi story, residential, commercial, industrial or any other kind of building.

The system is characterized by molding in-situ, where all electrical wiring and plumbing, as well as doors and windows are embedded in the wall.

With ECOPORE´s Form work Construction System, execution time can be reduced to less than half compared with a traditional construction system.


Constructive method

ECOPORE´s Form work Construction System consist of molding reinforced lightweight concrete walls (approximate density of 1300-1800 kg / m3 and resistance of around 8 MPa), armed with electro welded trusses and steel bars.

The walls are molded using metal or plastic form works designed for each specific project. This construction process allows high geometric control of the walls, resulting in clean surfaces ready to receive the finish.

The production process is characterized by repeated cycles of assembly and disassembly of the form works and injections of reinforced lightweight concrete. After 12 hours of curing, when the light concrete reaches at least 0.8 MPa of compressive strength, the form work can be disassembled.

The system embeds all hydraulic and electrical systems in the walls, and therefore installation of conduits and junction boxes are executed according to project templates before the form work is assembled, as well as window and door openings.

Preparing the foundation
Attachment of electrical and hydraulic services
Concreting of the raft foundation
Detail of the electrical distribution box
Modular form works in ABS.
Disassembling the form works after initial curing
The differnt phases of arming the form works.

Main components, elements and equipment

The constructive system is fitted with an armature assembly (armor) kit, an hydraulic piping (hydraulic) kit and a conduits and junction box (electrical) kit before molding the walls. There are also templates for window and door openings which are fitted beforehand.

a) Concrete: Concrete walls made from cement, sand, gravel, water, which then receives air entrainment additive (ECOFOAM & ECOAIR-MIX) and super-plastifier ECOPLAST.

b) Air Entrainment additives and Plastifier: the conventional concrete receives the ECOFOAM-AIR additive and ECOFIBRA-PP synthetic microfibers at the construction site.

c) Armatures: armatures are reinforcements, consisting of bars and electro welded steel trusses.

d) Form work: the form works consist of plates and metal profiles and are sized to withstand the pressure of the fresh concrete. The molds are provided with spacers and locking devices which maintain always the correct dimensions of the wall to be produced.

e) Equipments: ECOPORE offers various types of equipment, raging from form works, mobile concrete plants for lightweight concrete production and foam generators.

f) Walls: wall thickness’ are usually defined between 10cm to 15cm. To ensure the minimum coverings of 30 mm of the armature, rigid plastic spacers are employed, positioned every 50 cm in order to keep the armature assembly in its optimal position.

g) Coatings: Depending on the project, the walls only need a cement paint coat.

Advantagesof the ECOPORE Formwork Construction System:

  • concreting of walls and slabs simultaneously;
  • stairwells can be molded together with walls and slabs;
  • diversified sizes of panels, fitted for any project;
  • safety features such as work platforms and perimeter guardrails;
  • panels have a special disassembly devices, eliminating the use of tools after each cycle;
  • Triangle reinforcement which stiffen all panel corners.