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Acoustic barriers – ECOSOUND-OFF

Acoustic barriers

ECOSOUND-OFF is a new concept of ECOPORE for noise barriers built from blocks and special panels produced in structural lightweight concrete.

ECOSOUND-OFF is a highly effective acoustic barrier system that produces significant reductions in industry noise levels, road and rail corridors.

The standard system consists of galvanized steel columns set in concrete foundation. The ECOSOUND-OFF panels are reinforced with an internal metal structure being positioned horizontally between the columns, being held in place by ledges and galvanized steel plates.


  • Protection of buildings along the roads and railways;
  • Protection of workplaces;
  • Protection areas adjacent to noisy places;
  • Walls of industrial buildings;
  • Walls of halls and sports arenas or multipurpose;
  • Building technical noises local producers, such as central processors, engine rooms, compressors or generators, engine test workshops, equipment areas.


  • Durability;
  • Great acoustic insulation capacity;
  • High flexibility and adaptation to local soil conditions;
  • Great creative freedom from an aesthetic point of view;
  • Protection transmitter and receiver.

The acoustic panels ECO-SOUND, prefabricated with lightweight concrete, allow for absorbing and insulating walls, reducing the cost of subsequent interventions of soundproofing in places where noise can reach aggressive levels.

Residential areas, alongside traffic lanes, are subject to contsant noise, seriously degrading living comfort for the residents.

Noise barriers built with ECO-SOUND guarantee good sound absorption performances on allmost all frequencies, in order to:

  1. Protect people and environment from .
  2. offer greater comfort levels.
  3. Ease and versatility in carrying out constructive solutions.


Simplicity, speed of of construction and the resistance of ECOPORE’s materials to weather, mechanical and chemical attack and fire as well as it´s low maintenance costs, make the ECO-SOUND barriers a durable and economical solutions.