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ECOPORE Cellular Concrete for filling suspended floor slab above underground garage.

  • ECOPORE Cellular Concrete
  • Density: 600 kg/m3
  • Additive:
  • Foam Generator:
  • Contractor: SAG LTDA
  • Substratum: Concreto CORTESIA

The entire courtyard of the mall had suspended granite flooring on the slab of the underground garage. The main access ramp at the intersection of Streets Floriano Peixoto X Bandeira Paulista, often used for cultural exhibitions and advertising, required special care during installation / removal of exhibits, due to weakness of the floor originally intended for pedestrian traffic only.

Filling the gap between the slab and the suspended floor level with ECOPORE Cellular Concrete density of 600 kg/m3, was presented as a definitive solution, allowing the traffic of light vehicles thus facilitating the logistics of each exposure, while limiting the additional weight on the garage slab.