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ECOFIBER-PP polypropylene monofilament micro fiber – ANTI-FRACTURE

ECOFIBER-PP is a new generation of polypropylene microfiber for concrete reinforcement, which combines the ultra-fine fiber diameter with high strength. Due to the tens of millions of ECOFIBER-PP filaments existing in a cubic meter of concrete, an extremely dense three-dimensional entanglement is created. This interlacing of these very strong filaments eliminate the occurrence of cracks at the microscopic level.
The function of ECOFIBER-PP is not to replace steel, but avoid micro cracks thus obtaining a concrete with a much better, more stable surface and more resistant concrete which increases the lifetime of the concrete – particularly when it is exposed to adverse weather conditions.

The ability of ECOFIBER-PP (with it’s 550 million filaments per kilo ) to reduce cracking in the first 24 hours after placing of concrete and mortar is so significant that the recommended dosage is much lower when compared to other polypropylene fibers used in the market . Recomended dosage for ECOFIBER-PP per m³ of concrete is 300gr. whereas other fibers recommend 600grs..


  • uniform distribution in the concrete / mortar mixture due to a special coating on the microfiber
  • excellent compatibility with all types of concrete and mortar
  • low air entrainment
  • does not affect the workability
  • virtually invisible in concrete and mortar
  • excellent finishes
  • 100% alkali-resistant


  • concrete floors and slabs
  • pools
  • capping slabs and precast
  • precast concrete
  • mortar coating and repairs
  • shotcrete


  • avoids micro cracks in concrete
  • tightly closed concrete surface
  • Longer life – greater long term stability of the concrete
  • reduces segregation and exudation
  • reduces plastic refraction
  • reduces deflection in shotcrete
  • increases impact resistance
  • increases durability to freezing and thawing
  • reduces permeability of concrete and mortar


  • Raw material: 100% polypropylene
  • Form: monofilament fiber
  • Diameter: 12 microns (+ / – 1 micron)
  • Density: 0.91
  • Color: white
  • humidity: <2%
  • Specific surface: 370 m2/kg
  • Melting point: 160 ° C
  • Flash point: 399 ° C
  • Thermal conductivity: Low
  • Electrical conductivity: Low
  • Resistance to acids: Excellent
  • Resistance to alkalis: 100%
  • Modulus of elasticity: 5.5 GPa
  • Tenacity: 765 MPa
  • Lubricant: <0.15%
  • Film coat: <0.5% for a good dispersion and adhesion to concrete and mortar
  • Length: 18 mm
  • Number of fibers: 550 million fibers / kg product