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ECOFOAM – Foaming additive for Cellular Concrete Production



The ECOFOAM concentrated foaming additives is intended to produce Cellular/Lightweight Concretes and Mortars, with excellent thermal and acoustic characteristics, providing energy-efficient buildings with better comfort to the inhabitants

With ECOFOAM it is possible to replace insulations based on inflamable plastic and phenolic resins thus reducing the use of ecologically questionable materials.

ECOFOAM comes in highly concentrated form which will be diluted into 30 to 40 liters of water and then processed by our specialized equipments such as the ECOFOAMER or the KOMPACTO to produce structural foam added to the concrete or mortar.

ECOFOAM produces durable, high-density foam, allowing precise control over the incorporation of air required for the production of cellular/lightweight concrete in densities between 300 kg to 1.800kg / m³).


  • high stability of pores
  • optimized density
  • plasticity in cellular concrete
  • enables the achievement of concrete or mortar with varying densities;
  • produces easy to use cellular concrete or mortar, with excellent acoustic and thermal isolation
  • compatible with most Portland cements available on the market.


  • Structural Cellular Concrete
  • Structural Lightweight Concrete
  • Production of Blocks, Panels, Plates for Homes, Buildings and Sheds
  • Construction of Structural Walls molded in place
  • manufacture of precast pieces for decoration architectural, gardening, pots, etc.
  • Filling utility trenches and support of water pipes and sewers;
  • Noise barriers;
  • Thermal Barriers
  • Firewalls
  • Special Estucamentos
  • Corrections of geological faults;
  • Reinstatement of sub-base paving
  • Other diverse applications.